Creatively designed by computer programming gurus, bet-A-sequence is a revolutionary horse racing app that utilizes unbiased mathematical algorithms to give clients bespoke predictions based on their choice of risk – accurately, within guaranteed timeframes, and at an incredibly reasonable price.

Explainer #1

We made this video for the users to get an overview of the product. To accomplish this goal we came up with a fictitious character named BAS (short for Bet-A-Sequence) and we targeted and addressed his pain points in the explainer video.

Explainer #2

This video was made for the users to get a deeper dive into the product and each element that they will be interacting with. Here we used the brand mascot known as Lester to give users a walk-through of the application.

Creative Process

Logo and Branding

We designed a lettermark with a star for the letter ‘A’. The ‘A’ mark has an upward facing arrow that looks similar to a horse feet. The 2 primary colors are British horse racing green and a complimentary lemon yellow


The bet-A-sequence app is where the mathematical magic happens. The alpha version of the web app was developed on core PHP and for the stable release we shifted toward Cake PHP. The UI/UX was designed with ease of functionality in mind.


Starting with the Web App, everything was designed in a way that it would be responsive on mobile devices. This was especially important until the native apps gets developed.

Explainer Videos

We produced 2 explaienr videos for bet-A-sequence. One for the users to give a brief overview of the app and the second one with a more detailed explanation of all the functions that the app can perform.


The main landing page starts with a quick explainer video about the start-up, then a demo area of the product followed by the features & benefits, some testimonials and the pricing.


The purpose of the second landing page was for the Initial Coin Offering of the BAS tokens for potential investors. It stars with a countdown followed by company info, timeline & team.


Web App

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