Our cell phones have become an integral part of our lives. Studies prove that an average Indian spends at least three hours and fifty two minutes on their phone every day, if not more. Hence, Google and Apple stores are absolutely flooded with a wide range of mobile applications ranging between the numbers of 2-2.5 million respectively. Therefore, companies fight neck to neck, everyday. A great idea has to stand out and shine brightly in order to make the cut. However, experts have observed that great concept ideas often die a slow death due to the lack of knowledge and the engineers repeating the same mistakes.  These repeated mistakes often result in a Website or a Mobile Application to be a far cry from what it could’ve been.

So, to ease your confusions, listed below are some common mistakes made by people while developing a website or an application:

1. All-Inclusive:

All Inclusive

Many application and website designers get carried away with the idea of developing an application which consists of each and every feature under the sun! Often, this becomes a hindrance in the application development process as due to the large number of demanded features, the number of glitches in the application increase making it slow.

2. Prioritizing Aesthetics Over User Experience

Prioritizing aesthetics over User Experience

Prioritizing aesthetics over user experience is a rookie mistake that a majority of developers are guilty of committing. Often, product owners get trapped in the entire process of making the application visually attractive and absolutely under-estimate the importance of user experience. User experience is an integral part of the user experience which involves Information Hierarchy, User Personas, User Journeys and Wireframes, upon which; you build your user interface.

3. Overlooking Customer Preferences:

Overlooking customer preferences

The product owner often is in love with the design of the product and completely forgets about the end-user. This bias of the owner which completely revolves around his personal preferences and assumptions is detrimental for the development of the product. The only factor to keep in mind while designing and application or a website is the end user’s needs and behavioural patterns.

4. Clarity About The Platform:

Clarity about the platform

A majority of application owners aim at designing their apps for all the platforms in order to have a broader audience. Each platform whether it be Android, iOS, or Windows has its own pros and cons. Therefore, it’s not a wise decision considering the amount of efforts and money it takes as you may not get the desired results.

5.Neglecting The Systematic Logical Flow:

Sometimes the developers get so mesmerised in designing the look of their application that they completely neglect to design an organised logical path for the users to follow. This leads to an outburst of mismanaged screens and features to appear in front of the user which completely baffles the users. Therefore, it is imperative for application designers to provide a step by step guide for the users to follow.

6. Forceful Registrations:

Forceful Registrations

A lot of application designers tend to get carried away and in order to get more application downloads and registrations begin to spam the users. The pop-up window which forces the user to register or subscribe to the newsletter and stay on the same page after pressing close button is seriously an annoying one. No matter how important it is for your business to make users sign in and share their information, give them the liberty to judge the look and feel of the application or the website by themselves as constant spamming leads to nothing but a bad reputation.


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