48% of the people cite the design of a website as the primary factor in deciding the credibility of a business. 38% of the people stop engaging with a website if the content or layout is unattractive. Today we guide you through the most important elements of B2B website design.

There are some effective and useful tools and resources which have helped us effectively manage an ever-growing B2B web design without going crazy. Of course, this can’t be done all alone. Some incredible recommended services for there for those who are looking for the more “done for you” approach.


1. Consistent Branding Throughout the Site:


Most of the marketers often misunderstand how any brand works. More specifically, marketers are not aware of how website branding influences conversions. For instance, Uber is a brand that has mastered their branding after going through multiple rebranding campaigns. It’s not just about the distinctive logo of the brand, every element of its website conveys its brand values which are useful tools, sleek design, and elegance.


2. Leaving Plenty of White Space Between the Elements:


Plenty of White Space

White space is also called negative space which gives the elements of a website room to breathe visually. If the brand group items very close together, it risks overwhelming visitors and convincing them to click away. Margins and padding must be used while designing your website for increasing space between images, copy, and other elements.


3. Reduce the Number of Choices to Offer the Visitors:


Reduce the Number of Choices

The law of Hick states that, when you increase the number of options you offer your visitors, the decision time also increases. This phenomenon is often referred to as “analysis paralysis.”


4. The Rule of Thirds:


The Rule of Thirds

The rule of thirds has been applied to fine art and photography for long, but it also applies to website designing. While designing your website, you must use an overlay with two horizontal lines and two vertical lines evenly spaced. The brand can put its CTAs and other important elements on those dots.


5. Compressing Images:


Compressing Images

The ideal website load time should be 3 seconds. However, most websites load much slower than this time period based on industry averages. If any brand wants to boost its conversions, then it must find ways for reducing page load times so that your page speed improves. This is one of the best methods in which the brand should also compress the images after uploading.


6. Add Breadcrumbs:


Add Breadcrumbs

This is one of the many effective methods in which you need to think of your brand as a map with lots of disparate destinations. The visitors have the option of landing on any destination on the basis of how they arrived, but they also wish to know where they are. Consider breadcrumbs like those signs at the mall which state “You Are Here.” They inform the visitors where the current page falls in the website’s navigation. Breadcrumbs become even more significant on the websites of e-commerce websites. On having dozens or even hundreds of nested categories, the brand never wants your visitors to get lost.


7. Use Color and Contrast to Your Advantage:


Use Color and Contrast to Your Advantage

Contrast is the element which helps certain website designs stand out from the rest. If you want the visitors for any conversion, you have to make sure that you’re using greater contrast on those specific areas.


8. Group Similar Elements:


Group Similar Elements

When we see a scene, like a website, our mind automatically groups similar objects. Similarity can be achieved by using basic elements like colors, shapes, and size. The brand must try experimenting with shapes, colors, and sizes on your most important pages to make associations.

Whether you use all of these suggestions for your brand or just a few, remember to keep your customers in mind when you design your B2B website. You must consider what you want each visitor to do, what they expect to get, and how you can make the valuable experience of the visitors on your site simple and pain-free.