9Kapital is a online fund management tool. They provide secure solutions to grow and manage funds with 4 investment options. Fixed Interest Account, Asset Backed Mutual Funds Account, Shariah-Compilant Investment Account and Forex

Creative Process

Logo and Branding

Security is the most important aspect of the 9K brand that we wanted to focus on. The mark shows 9 inside a solid square along with corporate colors giving a subliminal feeling of security.


We took all the steps to keep the app secure since it will directly deal with money. The web app is developed on Cake PHP platform and the native mobile apps are under development.


We designed both the website & app in a way that is easy to use for it’s target audience. The website details the investment options and the app has all the functions right where the users will need them.

Motion Graphics

We made a logo animation that resonates with the brand messaging of security, explainer video that gives a walk through of the app and account icon animations for the website.


The website starts with an explainer video of the product followed by live currency rates and brief information about the four 9K investment options.



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